2011-07-25 | The 2011 ATRIP Congress – Singapore

IP Law at the Crossroads of Trade

Welcome to the 30th Annual ATRIP Congress
IP Law at the Crossroads of Trade
Singapore 25 – 27 July

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It is my pleasure and great honour to welcome you to the ATRIP Congress 2011 in Singapore!

The Singapore programme will work under a chapeau of IP Law at the Crossroads of Trade. This heading allows us to embrace many fundamental, intrinsic and contemporary elements in IP Law, also with a certain reference to the region in which the congress is held, its learning opportunities and its capacity to catalyse IP-thought-developments. The strain will lay on goods in transit, thus of relevance for all IP rights, but with a certain focus on the core pillars of patents, trademarks and copyright. We may then explore inter alia the ever relevant phenomenon of exhaustion, including trade in used goods, e.g. secondary markets for software. A prominent part of the congress will also be dedicated to IP in bilateral trade agreements. In this realm, trade in counterfeit goods, not least the ACTA agreement and other important endeavours on the international scene, as well as cross-border or world-wide licensing and the involvement of clearing houses and platforms will be observed. Last but not least we will also cover trade in goods which form part of cultural heritage.

The 2011 Congress will be organised in cooperation with the IP Academy of Singapore and the Faculty of Law at Singapore University and with the support of e.g. WIPO and the European Patent Office (EPO).

Singapore in the month of July will offer you a very hospitable and agreeable environment. As July is part of the peak season for tourism and professional conferences, it is urgently recommended that you make your hotel reservation as early as possible.

I am looking forward very much to welcoming you in Singapore!

Jan Rosén
ATRIP President