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Essay Competition 2015

2015-10-30 | Essay Competition 2015 Announcement of winners. 1.Arpan Banerjee |Intellectual Property Scholarship and the new Legal Realism Movement: Reflections from Bollywoodland 2. Elena Izyumenko | The Freedom of Expression Contours of Copyright in the Digital Era: A European Perspective 3. Natalia Kapyrina | Le dessin du modèle : vecteur de l’harmonisation internationale du droit des dessins et modèles?

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Essay Competition 2011

Announcement of winners. Carl Mair | OPENNESS, INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY AND STANDARDIZATION IN THE EUROPEAN ICT SECTOR Xinbo Li | IP Protection of Fashion Design— To Be or Not To Be, That Is the Question Brian Pelanda | AMBUSH MARKETING: DISSECTING THE DISCOURSE

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Essay Competition 2009

Announcement of winners. Daryl Lim | Misconduct in Standard Setting Andrea Wechsler | The Quest for Balance in Intellectual Property Law Sa Yu | Political Privilege, Legal Right, or Public Policy Tool?

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