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Essay Competition 2016


2017-04-05 | Essay Competition 2016 Announcement of winners. 1.Verity Dawkins | Combating Biopiracy in Australia- Will a Disclosure Requirement in the Patents Act 1990 Be More Effective than Current Regulations? 2. Jacob Sherkow | Patents , Promises and Reproducibility 3. Natacha Esteves | Open Models for Patents: Giving Patents A New Lease on Life

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Essay Competition 2010

Announcement of winners. Rita Matulionyte | Law Applicable to Online Infringements in CLIP and ALI Proposals: A Rebalance of Interests Needed? Roberto d’Erme | SUSTAINABLE HUMAN DEVELOPMENT: why PATENTS are the PARAMOUNT A.M. Ploman | Copyright in the future and the implications of file sharing services such as The Pirate Bay

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Essay Competition 2008

Announcement of winners. Sai Deepak | The Elusive Quest for the Definition of Obviousness – Patent Law’s Holy Grail Ella O’ Sullivan | Article 53(a) EPC and the patentability of animals Robert D. Gantz | Recent Changes in Research Collaboration in Patents

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Essay Competition 2007

Announcement of winners. Shamnad Basheer | The “GLIVEC” Patent Saga Claudia Schmidt | Is Copyright Protection Necessary to Promote Innovation? Maciej Barczewski | The Dusk of Digital Rights Management?  

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